The European Printing Ink Association

EuPIA Statement on Recycled Plastics and Inks (Commission Regulation (EC) No 282/2008)

Commission Regulation (EC) No 282/2008 states that recycled plastics used for food packaging must come from an authorised recycling process.

This statement lists the 5 criteria to gain authorisation, considers the use of recycled printed plastic for food packaging and the obligations of those placing such packaging onto the market.

EuPIA Statement: Food Packaging made from Recycled Paper & Board

This article explores the current debate, with particular regard to the use of recycled newspapers in food packaging.

It clarifies the ink manufacturers historical advice and current options, suggests there are other sources of mineral oil that need consideration and recommends steps to move the situation forward.

EuPIA Statement on Recyclability of Printed Paper & Board Articles for Use in Food Packaging

This short statement highlights the work being carried out by EuPIA members to improve the deinking characteristics of their products. It also explains whose responsibility it is to assess any risks that may arise from recycling, and to ensure that the recycled paper or board complies with current regulations.

Printing Ink Industry Contribution to the Paper, Paper Converting and Food Industry to Reduce Mineral Oil in Paper & Board Packaging

This short paper explains which inks can be used in offset and flexographic applications that enable printers and convertors to meet their respective industry associations recommendations to use only mineral oil-free printing inks on paper and board packaging.

EuPIA statement on the use of mineral oils in offset inks

It is sometimes erroneously claimed that mineral oil-free inks are in regular use for coldset and heatset printing elsewhere in the world.  This document provides a factual overview of the use of mineral oils in publication web offset inks and conventional sheetfed inks for commercial printing.