The European Printing Ink Association

General overview of FCM

Printing Inks and Varnishes for Food Contact Materials represent an important market segment for EuPIA members. Therefore, EuPIA has for many years put special emphasis on Food Contact Materials and Consumer Safety.

Together with its members, EuPIA has developed strategies and concepts defining the ink manufacturers’ contributions to the printed food contact material supply chain aimed at enhancing consumer safety.

Compliance with Food Contact Material legislation is a very complex undertaking, and it is for this reason that EuPIA supports its members and their customers by issuing guidance documents, information notes and model letters.

EuPIA documents appear to be well accepted in the marketplace and also, legislators across Europe welcome the association’s support of its members.

EuPIA Guideline on Printing Inks applied to Food Contact Materials

May 2023

EuPIA member companies have for many years shown strong commitments related to the manufacture and supply of printing inks for food contact materials. Amongst these commitments there is the principle of placing consumer safety first, the principle of transparency and information sharing and the principle of implementing Good Manufacturing Practices. EuPIA assists its members to meet their commitments by issuing a number of guidance documents which members are encouraged to implement to ensure legal compliance and safeguarding consumer safety when formulating, manufacturing and marketing printing inks for food contact materials.

This new edition of the EuPIA Guideline on printing inks for food contact materials gives a systematic overview of these guidance documents.