The European Printing Ink Association

EuPIA Guidance for Risk Assessment of Non Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) and Non Listed Substances (NLS) in printing inks for food contact materials

Besides intentionally added substances (IAS) printing inks may also contain small amounts of substances, which are non-intentionally added (NIAS) and which may also not be listed in any official substance list approved to formulate food-packaging printing inks. 
This document provides guidance for the risk assessment of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) and non-listed substances (NLS) migrating from printing inks used for food contact materials.

Information Note: Inks and Coatings for High Temperature Applications

Over the past years, food packaging has been developed with several additional features/functions, one of them being that packaging is more and more often used as a container in which to heat or even bake the food. This information note describes the risks associated with the use of inks and coatings for food packaging intended to be exposed to high temperatures. In addition, it points out the reasons why an independent rigorous risk assessment must be carried out by the converter to ensure safety-in-use of the printed packaging.